Company History

Christopher Bruner, the principal and sole owner, originally founded NOVA Power Systems in 2009 after earning his Master Electricians License. Christopher has an extensive background in the electrical field and project management which he has used to make NOVA Power Systems flourish. Throughout 2012 and 2013 NOVA Power Systems went through a major expansion due to the evolutions in wireless communications technology. In 2014, Christoper partnered up and accepted a role as a managing member of Liberty Wireless Group to better accommodate our clients and offer a wider range of services.

The expansion led to hiring many key personnel and the purchasing of more resources to accommodate the growing market. Today, along with our blooming electrical division, Liberty Wireless Group is able to provide our clients with wireless communication services as well. Our project management team has also flourished with skilled professionals able to oversee the daily operations within each department. With the skill levels of our highly trained and experienced employees in all departments, we can service anyone’s electrical, telecom, or project management needs.